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Meet Dicronis, the Accelerator startup that will improve lives of cancer patients

Patrizia Marschalkova, co-founder and CEO of Dicronis , the swiss startup that joined our Accelerator aims to improve lives of cancer patients.


The team developed the very first lymphatic activity tracker that will help prevent lymphedema from occurring. The startup focuses on developing innovative diagnostic products for diseases with high unmet medical needs.

The first product in their pipeline, Lymphit, allows for the tracking of the lymphatic function in an easy-to-use, painless, home-based, and highly-scalable manner. Using microneedle patches, Dicronis delivers a fluorescent agent to the patient’s skin and measures its uptake through the lymphatics via a wearable detector. In this way, the best therapy strategy for the patient is identified.

First of all the team plans to address the early diagnosis and efficient monitoring of lymphedema, a chronic and progressive complication of some cancer therapies.