October 01  |   Darmstadt and Bonn, Germany

Makerthon: Hardware solutions on the interface of healthcare and IoT

For the first time, our company and Deutsche Telekom are organizing a joint Makerthon. Participants can apply for 3 weeks of creative prototyping in 2 different Makerspaces and win €10.000!

This “makers marathon” is a perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities of Sensors and other IoT hardware solutions devices on the intersection of healthcare and new technologies.

Using all the available Makerspace tools and materials, young talents will provide hardware solutions to different challenges and push the existing boundaries! This new event format is a unique chance for young innovators to use Makerspaces and create prototypes with integrated sensor technologies, participate in mentoring sessions on rapid prototyping, bio-sensing, design thinking workshops and much more.


How does it work?


The Makerthon will take place simultaneously in our Makerspace Innovation Center in Darmstadt and in Telekom Open Spaces in Bonn to develop new hardware solutions using a variety of tools and sensor technologies. We are looking for “makers” in a broad sense, as well as designers, developers, business, marketing experts, medical or healthcare professionals or students. In short: YOU!

This is more than a regular 24-hour ideation event. A completely new and flexible format allows access to two fully equipped Spaces, networking opportunities, and a very flexible program for the teams. Participants will have the chance to develop their own ideas in the “real world”, collaborate with two industry leaders and improve their technical skillsets learning about sensors and medical devices.

The best solution will be generously rewarded: €10.000 for the 1st prize.In addition to this, cool gadgets and more hardware await the other hard-working teams.


The goal?


Make a lasting impact by improving future patient´s lives. Talents will have 3 weeks to develop solutions and build prototypes on one of these challenges:

  • Bio-sensors: Create the next generation of medical devices
  • Physical sensors: Make use of printable photodetectors
  • IoT in hospitals: Enable doctors to react efficiently in emergency settings
  • Data platforms: Develop a holistic business model based on health data
  • Smart factory: Create an automated production environment

It is a unique one-life opportunity to create out-of-the-box solutions for existing problems using soldering stations, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNCs, robots, different IoT devices and sensors available in the Makerspaces. And of course,Don’t stop to rethink the Status Quo and shapinge the future in healthcare and more other industries!


How to participate? - An individual journey

  1. Participants can apply either alone or with an already formed team to be invited. They will be invited  to a kick-off event in Bonn on the 15th of November
  2. Each team will be free to choose a location, either in our Innovation Center Makerspace in Darmstadt or Deutsche Telekom´s Open Space in Bonn to develop prototypes for over three weeks. After your registration you will have access to flexible schedule and  book your prototyping sessions.
  3. Important: a few workshops for teams are mandatory, as we will offer training,background information, expertise and key support for the projects.


All makers, shapers, and inventors can register now until November 14th:

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